THE NEW JERSEY POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY was established in 1972, to study and explore the many aspects of New Jersey postal history.


The society produces a quarterly award winning journal in electronic and hard copy format, which publishes articles on a variety of subjects relating to this theme. Join the Society and receive NJPHS Journal.

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NORTH NEW JERSEY FEDERATED STAMP CLUBS - the official site of NOJEX, the annual exhibit of the North New Jersey Federated Stamp Clubs.


NEW JERSEY DOANE CANCELS - This site maintains an on-going list of all NJ Doane cancels that have been discovered so far. Can you add others? If so, contact Arne Englund who coordinates this list. This list is part of a greater site on all Doane Cancels, maintained by Gary Anderson. Here you can discover just what a Doane cancel is, and begin your own search for these elusive items: Gary Anderson's Doane Cancel Lists.


THE POST MARK COLLECTOR'S CLUB - The PMCC offers many opportunities to learn about postmarks, expand your collection (often for free!), and get involved in the philatelic community.


THE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF BERGEN COUNTY - An excellent resource on Bergen County, which includes postmasters.


DUTCH DOOR GENEALOGY - Additional information on Bergen County towns, which also includes postmasters.

(Other New Jersey postmaster links by county are included on our free articles page.)


MERCHANTVILLE STAMP CLUB - Organized in 1931, the club meets the first Thursday and third Wednesday every month in Pennsauken, South Jersey and hosts MERPEX annually over the Labor Day weekend.


EMPIRE STATE POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY - A sister society offering a wonderful array of information on New York State postal history


PENNSYLVANIA POSTAL HISTORY SOCIETY - Another sister society for those with an interest in Pennsylvania postal history.


Women and the Ballot in New Jersey, 1776-1807 - New Jersey women had the vote from 1776 to 1807


"Parcels, Packages and More! - The History of the U.S. Postal Service"

Thanks to Rebecca, and to Samantha Moore, Director at Camp Nazareth!  We are happy you have found our site so useful and appreciate the suggested link.



Did you know you can access the Postal Bulletin online?

Keep up to date on USPS policies, forms, news, and post office changes at: USPS Postal Bulletins


US Postal Bulletins Online - Access digitalized versions of all postal bulletins from 1880 to 1971.





APS - the American Philatelic Society site will open doors for you to all manner of philatelic information, including access to their library collection, with a card catalog available online.  Here you can search for materials to aid your research and borrow them directly, if you are an APS member, or though your local library by way of interlibrary loan.  APS show schedules and other stamp aids online.


The Global Philatelic Library is a combination of numerous philatelic resources all in one place.


Postal History Society - The official site of The Postal History Society founded in 1951.


USSS - the official web site for the United States Stamp Society, a non-profit, volunteer-run association of collectors to promote the study of the philatelic output of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and of postage and revenue stamped paper produced by others for use in the United States and U.S. administered areas.


USPCS - the official web site for the U. S. Philatelic Classics Society, a voluntary not-for-profit association of members. Its purposes are to promote interest and knowledge of philately, primarily relating to the so-called classic issues of stamps and postal history of the United States.


The Carriers & Locals Society - the official web site for the non-profit philatelic Society founded in 1991.  The Society is dedicated to the study of United States carriers, locals and express posts, as well as the forgeries, reprints, and fantasies created of them.


Philatelic Bibliopole - A good source for the purchase of all kinds of philatelic literature. Leonard H. Hartmann, Philatelic Bibliopole, PO Box 36006, Louisville, Ky 40233-6006


Linn’s - another useful link to information and stamps.


Stampshows - find shows that are in New Jersey - or visit the main page to find shows across the country.


Stamp Yellow Pages - Another resource offered on the website where you will find links to more than 60 categories of interest.



This page provides a panorama of information on philately, including a list of state societies, with links to their various websites.


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